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Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn Marketing Agency



Promoting the Business on LinkedIn: Step by Step Guide

LinkedIn is a social network for business connections that has over 467 million members worldwide. Its power grows all the time and every second someone creates a LinkedIn login. If you decided to develop your brand online, LinkedIn must be part of your marketing campaign.

How To Promote Your Business on LinkedIn Marketing Agency

These tips for LinkedIn profile improvement are rather effective if you want to boost your online presence, but a business promotion would require a more serious strategy. Here is a simple guide how to develop your business with the help of LinkedIn marketing agency.

1. Optimize Your Own LinkedIn Profile

You may wonder what your personal profile has to do with promoting your business. People are interested in other people and they will always check who represents a brand. The viewers of your company page are very likely to visit your personal profile and the profiles of all the members of your team. That is why it is essential to start your marketing campaign with improving your own profile. What impression does it make? Would you work with yourself? List your skills, experience, and certifications. Update status, publish articles and interact with others. Your goal is to show that you are a thought leader in the industry.

2. Create A Company Page

Once you are sure you have an effective LinkedIn profile, it is time to create one for your company. The company page should allow customers to learn about your company history, workers, services and products. You should also use it to share the company’s updates. It is necessary to do it regularly to achieve better engagement. However, do not share something just to make a post and appear in the feed. Relevant content that is interesting for the followers would help to develop your company page faster. The cover image is also important. It should include your company’s logo and reflect your brand.

3. Gain The Audience

Relevant content and the audience are two key components for making your company page effective. Once you are sure your company page is great, your next task is to boost its visibility. Start with optimizing your company’s page for search.
To make it SEO-friendly, insert keywords into the profile information. Another great thing to do is to add your company page link to your website. Getting more followers could also increase the reach of your page. Start with adding the employees who will share your page on their profiles. Then you may also invite customers and partners. Promote your company page in blog posts and emails to attract new followers.

4. Sponsor Your Posts

When your post gets high engagement, you might want to sponsor this content to get the attention of more professionals. The number of likes, comments, and shares will help realize what publications should be promoted. LinkedIn marketing agency will make your post appear in the news feeds of professionals (your target audience). It will be visible both on mobile devices, and computers. Showing your Company Page updates to more people will help you attract new followers and increase the brand awareness. After you use the ads, remember to check the number of leads the sponsored content brought you.

5. Learn to Understand The Analytics

No matter what you do, it will not be fully effective, if you do not analyze the results of your actions. It is easier to create a good content and think through a marketing campaign when you know the possible reaction of the audience and its preferences. LinkedIn analytics dashboards may provide you with the necessary data that reflects the behavior of the followers. Monitoring and analyzing these statistics will help you to achieve better results. LinkedIn analytics may seem confusing and difficult to understand at first. But eventually, it will give you the clear picture of your company page progress.

Following these five steps will help you to grow your business with the help of LinkedIn marketing agency. Remember to put into practice all the recommendations and keep up the good work regularly to achieve the results. Once you see that it works, you will not be able to stop.

Author Bio:- Helen Hepburn. CEO @

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Benefits Of Creating Online Learning Platforms




Benefits Of Creating Online Learning Platforms

In this new age, many people have considered opening a business that can really serve them well but none considered having online learning platforms that can serve them and serve others in need of learning from home. It’s not new that many things done these days are been done online which holds benefit to the organization that created it and those individuals or organizations using it for their benefit.

Imagine during the lockdown, that we do not have platforms like zoom and google class, how can we survive or how can we manage our work, how can we manage our company and how are we going to deal with many things that we may have to face.

Companies that didn’t adopt the new trend of holding meetings on zoom faced lots of sets back, many of them closed and many were bankrupted due to the failure in the economy and spending money flow.

Before the lockdown zoom was worth not more than any startup company but there was a massive increase in the worth of the zoom platform, now it is worth billions of dollars, and the worth still increased because many have adopted them to be a meeting place, especially those that work from home.

There are many benefits you hold when you own your personal online learning platforms that others can use as a medium to communicate with others.

Benefits of owning online learning platforms

When you come to the benefits of owning an online learning platform, we may be wondering what they are, from my personal research I have found out that you don’t stand only one benefit but multiples of them depending on how good you made your platform to be and how well you want it to serve people around the world every day and at all time.

1. You earn from your online learning platforms

One of the benefits Is that you will be able to earn money from your platforms and make good use of that money o invest in some other business you have. online learning platforms hold lots of potential to make you big money as far as you are willing to do the hard works that come with it.

2. A way of assisting the world

This is a perfect medium to assist the world in your own little way, mean had it been that we have google, where people can go get any knowledge they want for free, or Facebook, where you go to advertise your business, meet new people and even form relationships people won’t have the, may end well.

I have seen couples that met on Facebook and in a short while they got married and are living together ever since. Those changes and benefits wouldn’t have come if everybody chose to e seat and fold hands waiting for that big change that will come.

3. You Make Changes

If you by any means open your online learning platforms where people can come learn one or two things, you have made a lot of impact in society by making such platforms.

4. Tap into opportunity

You have taped into opportunity in life, during the 2020 lockdown, many company workers were at home, many businesses were also on lock down, and the way they were able to hold a meeting and talk to each other on how to improve the company.

many companies that didn’t adapt to the solution of the current situation were really affected while those who did were able to pull through and were only slightly affected.

Before 2020 Zoom was worth some money but by the end of 2022, the worth of Zoom tripled, the demand increased and the users skyrocketed which is tell us so far you offering solutions to some problems you are always going to win.

Having an online learning platform is a solution we face today and making your platform very safe for everyone to use will be a better choice when venturing into online learning platforms.


Make sure you have set your plans and goals on how to set up online learning platforms for people to use, the gain is more fruitful than the stress, but once you get it done you are good to go.

You can start learning how to set up those kinds of platforms and also gather your team as it will help you grow more in every way.

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How To Start Blogging in 2021




How To Start Blogging in 2021

Blogging has been one of the long-time businesses anyone can ever venture into, and the best part about it is that many are really earning big amount of money in a month than what most corporate workers earn in 4 months strange right? You will be amazed when you see the earnings many bloggers out there which is why i have compiled this tips on how to start blogging in 2021.



Hear me out, it’s right that there are many lucrative businesses that you can venture into online and earn lots of money, but the question you have to ask yourself are, which online business can give me the most authority I need right now? Which one of these online businesses can give me the right flexibility to handle things the way I want? 
I am not a great writer or very good at doing convincing tricks but let the truth be told, the main reason I am here is to provide the most valuable and rare information to my readers. No one needs to be convinced when the evidence is obvious to be seen by all, if you are ready to make your 2021 awsome you shouldnt miss to read through this detailed guide on how to start blogging.
I have been into blogging since 2016, and hear me out over the years, I have come to learn so many things, got so many ideas, made so many silly mistakes and learned from my silly mistakes and also from my trails and luck game.  
There are lots of cash to be made from just posting articles and showcasing your writing skills from your PC or smartphone and also you have enough time to spend with your loved ones, have enough time to read your books as a students and even involve fully in your schooling activities without losing any kobo.
My name is Wisdom Agbai but popularly known as WisProf, I venture into blogging way back in 2016, in this time interval, I build and develop some many blogs for myself and also for others that needed my services and I must tell you it has not been so easy, but the knowledge and profits from it make it so satisfying that I don’t really think there is something that worth venturing into apart from blogging and other online jobs related which I will be talking about more here on techflez blog.
The first blog I ever launched was, which after facing some serious challenges had to be closed down, then I launched, and now am on this my current blog, but you this one? is here to stay.
To be plain and transparent, sometimes for beginners starting to learn how to start blogging can seem to be something that needs exceptional skills and can appear so intimidating. 
But with the free guide I will be giving out in this post, you will come to know and understand all about blogging for beginners, and the most common skills a blogger need to keep his or her blogging going, how to be a very good blogger with just the most basic computer skills I am sure many of us reading this how to start blogging article has. 
There is no age limit when it comes to blogging. I have seen a 12 years blogger making some money out of what she desires and how it has really turned her life to becoming one of the resourceful kids her age, if a kid of 12 can grow up to that level, what about you that has more understanding, skills and the ability to do greater things.
With this guide, you can create your own blog in less than 20 minutes already know what you should put in place before writing your first blog post.
As with many newbies, when I first started learning how to start blogging, I made many mistakes which we may call silly, I was not ashamed that I have made such mistakes, but I was eager to know why I made such mistakes in the first place and how to avoid. 
You can benefit from my experience and the errors I have made over these years so you will not repeat these same mistakes when you start making your own blog. 
I made this free guide so that everyone that wants to join the blogging community can learn how to start blogging quickly and easily. And if you get stuck at any point, please send me a message, and I will do my best to help you.

Definition Of Blogging And How To Start Blogging


Blogging or blog can simply be said to be a type of website that focuses mainly on written content, also known as a blog post that a visitor can read either to learn new knowledge or get information.
In popular culture, we most often hear about news blogs, celebrity blog sites, or tech blogs, but as you will see in this guide, you can start a successful blog on just about any topic that comes to your head.
Most bloggers often write from a personal perspective that allows them to connect directly with their readers and make them feel like they are communicating physically, that’s one of the benefits of owning your own blog.
Most blogs on the internet have a “comments” section where readers can correspond and interact with the blogger directly or indirectly. Interacting with your readers in the comments section helps to further connect the blogger and the reader for better ways to help each other achieve common goals.
The direct connection between the blogger and the reader is one of the main benefits of starting a blog of your own.
This connection lets you interact and share ideas with other like-minded people around the globe.
It also allows you to build trust with your readers, having the trust and loyalty of your readers also opens many doors to making money from your blog, which is something I will discuss later in this guide.

Why You Should Start Blogging In 2021

The mystery about you starting your own blog is that you don’t need to be a great writer to be successful a blogger as many may think, I mean I have seen many useful bloggers with very terrible writing skills but that has gone beyond what you may imagine.
Don’t get me wrong, having better writing skills will give you the authority you require but having average writing skills is never a problem. People like to read blog sites to get a personal perspective on things, so most bloggers write in a very informal and conversational style which doesn’t necessitate the use of power writing skills.
You don’t need to be an expert on your topic of choice to have a successful blog. For example, readers of a cooking blog don’t want to read a textbook from a food scientist; they want to hear the experiences of someone who has actually cooked some real meals, mistakes, and what they have sometimes found on someone’s YouTube channel or someone’s blog.
Becoming a successful blogger is not really easy as it may sound, but as a blogger, there is really just one requirement you need, and that is a passion for your topic.
Let me tell you guys something, blogging is about sharing your knowledge with the world, so the passion you put into your blog really matters a lot for the growth of your blog.
Knowing this, the topic you choose should be that you are passionate about and makes the process of how to start blogging so much easier. Writing about more than one topic is totally fine, too but ask yourself if you have the strength to start up with that.
As long as you are writing about things that you are genuinely interested in, your passion will shine through and keep your readers interested. Things that will help you take the courage of entering into the blogging struggle

Having the greatest online authority:

Having your own blog helps you get your own online authority and turn that authority into money, take a look at successful bloggers you know, people like ShouMeLoud, MasterBlogging owner, LindaIkejisBlog and WealthResult, Legit. ng and other bloggers that have made it big in the industry are celebrities people wish to see and are an icon to so many people around the globe.

Making money from home:

Blogging can be very lucrative if ones do it correctly. The top bloggers in the world obviously, earn a lot from many bank managers; many of them are millionaires and some billionaires. A part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done rightly.
The best part about it is that blogging is a form of passive income that still gives one the flexibility he or she needed since you can spend just a few hours a week writing a blog post and then continue to make money from it long after a blog post is written.

You can share your story:

Blogging lets, you have a voice and be heard by many. If you wish, you can share your story with the entire world. One of the most common ways blogging is used as a medium to show the world your diary is when a blogger writes about their daily experiences so that friends, family, and others can all be a part of their lives.

Making yourself or your business popular:

Have you ask yourself why business owners spend so much money on blog advert? Because in the age we are now where everything is done online, what do you expect? You probably won’t have a big follower because of your latest blog post.
But a successful blog can gain you much recognition in your respective field. Many bloggers are known as experts just because of their blogs, and some have even gotten book and movie deals based on their blogs.

Get a community:

When you write a blog post that people like and people comment on it. This is a great way to connect with people interested in the same things as you are. Blogging allows you to share with people based on your experience, and it allows you to learn from your readers and other bloggers.
The internet is exploding with much growth, more than you can think of right now. This explosion in growth means more potential readers are there for you. So far, your blog is obvious to them.
If you are nurturing the idea of starting a blog where you have done, there is no other thing I know that will keep you here until now on this post; there is no better time know of than right now.

Personal blog:

 A personal blog is a kind of blog that talks about you. It includes a variety of topics, from things you do daily to random thoughts and musings. This is a great way to share your thoughts with the world without having to stick to just one topic.
If you want to start a personal blog where you discuss various topics that interest you, then I suggest your user name or some variation of it since your blog is all about you. For example, you can add your middle name like or middle initial if you find your name is already taken.
Let’s go into the main business on how to start creating your first blog, which I will be explaining in details from A to Z on how you can start.

How to Start Blogging

This part is the most important part of this very post, here you will learn how you can start making your blog yourself by yourself from scratch you will Learn the step o follow in order to create your blog in about 30 minutes following these straightforward steps:

First of all, pick a blog name:

Carefully picking a name for your blog is very important because a non-suitable name can kill your blog and your enthusiasm. What if I don’t know the thing to blog about? Well there are many hints I will give you, so you know how to do that.
A good blog name should be descriptive so that potential readers can instantly tell what your blog is all about just from the name you have chosen to give your blog.
If you are blogging about one particular topic, you should consider including it somehow in your blog or domain name. Try not to get hung-up on just one word, though. For example, a cooking blog doesn’t necessarily have to have the word “cooking” in it like ( The words “food,” “recipes,” and “meals” would also let people know that your blog is about cooking and food.
A .com domain extension is the most preferred because it sounds enjoyable to hear but .net or .org work. It is also important to note that you cannot have any spaces between words for the purposes of a blog domain.


Hobbies are what you love often doing, and you know your ways around it very well, let’s say you love cars very well, I can start a blog about how to maintain your cars, how to know a good car option and how to buy the best affordable.
Or maybe you love cooking, travel, fashion, sports; you can also start a blog on that. Even blogs about more hobbies that you think you have an interest in can be successful, as far as it can be useful to your audience and is literally anything in the world with interest.


You can start a blog on what you are passionate about.
Good and Bad Life Experiences: We all have lessons we have learned in life. Sharing this knowledge is not really bad and can be incredibly helpful to others in similar situations and help them overcome them.  Now think about things you have experienced in life, both in good and bad times. Doing this can help you create a community that many people will love to be part of.
Your blog’s success can also be determined by the name you choose for your blog; a good blog name should be more descriptive, so make a very right choice from the start. Click HERE and enter the domain you have chose to see if it’s available.

Make your blog come live online:

Register your blog and get hosting, whether free or paid. Now, as you have made a good choice of the blog niche you want to go for and the domain name you want, it’s time to know how you can make your blog come online.

This time I will be taking you through how you can get free hosting and as well as get a paid hosting, and note that everything about free and paid hosting has its disadvantages and advantage.
I understand that many students are looking for a way to start up something, but they do not have a lot of money on their disposal, the free hosting options are there for them. In subsequent time I will be showing you guys, how to customize your blog to be handsome and responsive.
While those that have some money to spare can go for the paid hosting option as everything is made easier over there, you the option to choose and make use of many plugins to make your blog a useful and resourceful one; you have service to embed in your a blog to generate a handy income into your bank account.
There are two main Source of Hosting that many bloggers use and there are BLOGGER and WORDPRESS.
Blogger is Google’s own hosting that bloggers can host their domain and start posting; the blogger is free and easy to use unless you want to do high customization.
WordPress is a paid hosting services that a blogger to host the domain him or she has bought and also gives he or she room to set up his/her blog anyhow that makes him happy or thinks will bring the audience to the blog.


If you want to go for free hosting, the best option for you is a blogger, and there is just a little step to take a while doing that, so you need to panic.
First of all, you must have a Gmail address, if you don’t have one, check the bellow step to learn how to create one.

1.     Visit


2.     There it will bring a signing option; just below tap on Create account and choose For I now put in your first and last name in the column provided.


3.     Choose your preferred email, then input a password you are showing you can easily remember. Then tap Next


4.     Input your phone number starting with your country code and also input an email the address you already have you if you do and tap next.


5.     Accept the terms and conditions by scrolling down and tap on Agree.


6.     Allow the page to load and take you into your email box.


7.     First you will be welcomed with a welcome screen; just tap next and OK, and you are done.
Now you have creates your Gmail address, let’s move on with creating a free hosted blog.

How to create a free hosted blog with

1.     Now as you are still in, open a new tab on the same browser you used in creating a new Gmail or the Gmail you already have and type in

2.     It will take you to a place where you will be asked to create a blog. Tap on CREATE YOUR BLOG


3.     Then it will ask you  to sign in with your email just tap on that email address
4.     Enter your password and tap next.

5.     Here you will choose the name you want to use to open your blog (Your name of the Admin) enter your name and tap on continuing to blogger. Remember this your blog name; you can change it later if you like


6.     Herein the title option, Put in what you want your blog name to be. For me, I choose Wisdom Blog.
7.     In the address chose an available address. For me, I choose Wisdomsblog360; automatically, they will add because that is the default address extension that BlogSpot uses.
8.     Now choose any theme listed there and tap on creating a blog.

9.     Congrats, your first blog has been created.


To add a custom domain that has a .com extension
Now, many companies sell domain names, but my favorite is Godaddy, Namecheap, and Hostgator. For For the sake of this tutorial, I will be going for Namecheap.

1.     First of all visit, hover your console to account and click on Dashboard.


2.     There you will see the sign-up, Tap on and create an account with the email address you created earlier.


3.     After signing up, click on domain name search and enter your preferred domain name, when the domain show available, tap on Add to Cart, then tap on View Cart.


4.     It will take you to another page where you have to fill in your credentials as a first-timer. Feel your address, phone number, country of origin, and state with the postal code and the city you live in. Then tap on Confirm order.
5.     Now add your debit card details and tap on pay. They will charge you $9.06, and after that, you will be asked to confirm your email address.

6.     Tap on confirm email address and a mail with the confirmation link will be sent to, tap on the link to confirm your email, and you are done with that.


How To Link Your Domain To Your Blogger Account 

  1.  Log in to your blogger account we created earlier and go to settings
  2. When you tap on settings it will take you to basics under settings
  3. Tap on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog and enter the domain you purchased with www. Eg; www.yourdomainname.comthen tap on save.
4.     There you will be giving some DNS nameservers be added to your domain host account, now copy the first one and go to your Namecheap account, and tap on manage beside your domain.
5.     Now there tap on advance DNS
6.     Tap on ADD NEW RECORD and chose CNAME Record under host type in WWW and under VALUE type in, then Tap on the goo icon beside the values

7.     Tap on ADD NEW RECORD again and chose CNAME Record under host type in the name server under WWW that is giving you, e.g.; (nkgmdyfnlf2y) and under VALUE type in the other value, e.g.; ( then tap the good icon beside the values you entered


8.     Now tap on ADD NEW RECORD and chose A Record, under host type @ and undervalue past You will complete these steps 4 times with these values
9.     After doing this, wait for 30 minutes, then go back to your blogger account and tap save.
10.  If it still refuses to save, refresh your page, add your domain again and tap on save again
11. After it must have been saved, tap on edit and tick the box beside Redirect to And you are good to go.
12. Now go back, tap on a post, and there you can start making your posts

For Paid Hosting (WORDPRESS)

Here you will learn how to start hosting your own self-hosted account, which is known as paid hosting, where you are in full control of your blog and what happens to it.
So there are many options for you too, but I only recommend using Namecheap and BlueHost hosting. So for the sake of this tutorial, we will be using BlueHost
BlueHost has some special offer which are
  •  They will register your blog name for you for free, making sure no one else can take it.
  • They offer simple installation of the WordPress blogging software (which I show you how to use it in this guide).
  • They have been in business for a long time and have been recommended by WordPress since 2005 and currently host over 2 million blogs and websites.
  • They have 24/7 customer service via phone or webchat.
  • Their A money-back guarantee is the best if you are unsatisfied for any reason.


First, visit and sign up.

1.     Choose your plan. If you ask me, I will recommend that you get the basic plan. Click “Select” to choose your plan.
2.     Now input your domain name in the left box and then click “next” to start the registration process.
3.     Meanwhile, you can also type in the domain you just bought from Namecheap, type your existing domain in the right box, and then click “next.” Only use the right box if you have previously paid to register a domain!
4.     Fill in your billing details plus your card details on the registration page.
5.     Choose your hosting package and options.
Though all those packages have everything you need to get your blog up and running but some of them have more space than the others, and that’s why there prices are not the same, all the package comes with a free domain name, easy WordPress blog installation, web hosting, and branded email accounts (e.g.
You get the lowest rate with the 36-month package, while the 12-month package has a lower up-front cost. Remember, you can cancel anytime and get a refund.
I uncheck the boxes next to the other products when I sign-up. You can always get these products later if you decide you need them.
6.     Create your password and it should be what you can easily remember
7.     After doing that, you can choose a basic design template for your blog (you can easily change this later, as you will see).
8.     Is time to get your blog software (WordPress) installed. Once the install is complete, click “Start Building” to be logged-in to your blog.

Customize/Design your blog

Choose a template that is free, and tweaks it to your choice.

1.     If you are not automatically logged in, go to and click “Login” on the top right to bring up the login screen.
You can then log in using your domain name and the password you set in the previous
step.  If you have misplaced your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Forgot
Password” link.

Publishing Your Blog

Your blog may still be showing a “Coming Soon” page after you have written a post.
Whenever you are ready to make your blog public, just click the “BlueHost” menu at the top left of the menu in your administrator area, then click the blue “Launch” button to remove the “Coming Soon” page.
Now you can start writing your first, post and publish it for the world to see

Make your blog gain visibility:

Get more people to read your blog post by creating social media pages and group for easy communication.

Promote your blog: 

Now, this is when the main work starts. Making your blog get more visibility is where the work comes in, so believe me, you get more work to do, but hey, don’t freak out because everything you need to know is on Google, where you probably found this.
Now the first thing you need to do is to create a well-designed blog and writing great content. To get readers for your blog, you will need to spend some time promoting it, especially when you first start. Promotion does not necessarily mean spending money. It means getting get your blog noticed on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.
One way to get readers and traffics to my blog is by posting my content links on my social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This is great because your friends see the link,k but if your friends share the link with their friends, it automatically multiplies your readers.
If you have lots of like on your A social media page, it makes your content go viral, which is a perfect thing. If you have created high-quality content on your blog, then social media is a great way for your blog to go viral.
In addition to getting new readers to your blog, you will also want to make sure your current readers are coming back. This brings us to email marketing. Email marketing plays a lot of roles in promoting your blog.
Now, by collecting your visitors’ email addresses (with their permission, of course), you can then notify them when you post something new on your blog. This keeps people coming back to your blog, which not only gives you more readers over time; it also allows you to build a closer relationship with your readers.
Email marketing is too big a topic to cover well here, so I created a separate guide to email marketing for those who are interested (hint: every blogger who wants more readers needs to read this guide).

Working On Your SEO

SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION; working on this, you should consider the search engine people mostly use. In our case, it is Google, Bing, and Yandex, but for a better result, you should first focus on Google then extend it to another search engine. You can Google how to optimize your blog and get it to Google if possible first page. Also, work you on increasing your DE follow meaning backlink.

Make passive money blogging

You have the option to choose from several options to monetize your blog.

After you have put good work in writing great content and promoting your blog, making money from your blog should be another thing on your mind; I don’t know a thing you went through all this stress just for fun NOPE, you didn’t, so now we are going to talk about how you can start making money from your blog
There are ways you can make money from blogging; you can make money from selling your own products or services to getting paid to write reviews of products on your blog. But the easiest way to make money from your blog is to sell advertising space. Many companies offer those services.
First, make your blog popular, and then watch advertising companies come to you. You can also apply for Google AdSense. They find the advertisers for you, and all you have to do is place the Google AdSense code on your blog to start running ads.
Google AdSense does all the hard work for you and pays you for placing their adverts on your blog. You can check here on how to create your AdSense account and get it approved quickly.

Thank you guys for reading Through this long tutorial, I know that I have enlightened some guys on starting a blog and the right steps to follow. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, like our page, and join our groups. 

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any.

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5 Content Marketing Services That Can Bring You Money with Skills




The days of degree being valued over the skills are long gone. Now people with amazing skills can have jobs that are esteemed, the jobs that pay well for their creative skills and the jobs that are considered to be reputable. This happens especially in the field of marketing and there are services that you can just offer with your skills and degree is not a requirement. Are you surprised with this fact? Well, we have brought out some of the services from the field of content marketing alone that could be opted with skills purely.

1. Writer

A major type of content marketing is written content. Here the first people to have the contemplation on it are writers. The people with amazing writing skills, the people who can express anything with words and the people who can make the messages to be communicated through the written form of expressions. These are the first people or basic people that are required in the entire process of content marketing.

2.  Content Strategist

What is anything without a proper strategy or plans? Possibly nothing could be done with effectiveness if you are not planned for it or have not strategized it with effective moves. This is where a content strategist comes in during content marketing. He knows what kind of content should be created, what content should be created and where it should be posted. Decisions like these come in with skills to think creatively and analytically but are essential in the field of content marketing.

3.   Platform Expert

Well, we know this field more by the name of social media marketer, Wikipedia page creationor such other platform-related stuff but combined it could be called as platform expert. These people know their respective platforms. They know how to post content and how to get the best reaction from the people and everything in between. This expertise again could be paid highly at this time.

4. Designer

Well, one of the most important kinds of content is graphical content. The pictures and images could be included in it and with the same the needs for a designer is found in making a content marketing campaign to work. These designers have special skills to make content be appealing to eyes and giving it a touch of professionalism. This is what most of the content marketers like to have in their team and this is where these designers earn their money with being in the content marketing.

5.  Content Manager

Well, this position is of the topmost tier in the field of content marketing. Without any doubt it requires the professional to be amazing at the content marketing. He or she should know all the cores of the field from platform to strategizing and from the creativity to impactful thinking. Without this, a professional in content manager field can be nothing. Here along with the insights to everything related to content marketing the professional needs some management skills to nail it hard in his job. These are two different skills that are required at this level but surely they are skills and skills are developed by a person through self-driven motivation.
These are the 5 fields that can be in your professional careers list and can get you a good job just will skill and nothing else. A degree might be something secondary in this context. This field alone has such possibilities then you can think about how much of the other services could be offered in the world with having the just-right skill set. Well, the debate will go on in getting what to get a degree or a skill but surely skills are a requirement in this time for me.

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