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How To Check MTN Number Plus Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile



how to check mtn number

Almost all phone today comes with dual SIM slots and many even extend it to 3 or 4 SIM slots, no matter how many slots yours have, it is difficult at some point to know our phone number offhand that’s why we are here to teach you how to check MTN number easily without dialing a lengthy code on your phone.

Sometimes you will may be in need of airtime, then decide you want to recharge from your mobile banking app which is where I do all my recharge from just because I know how to check MTN numbers. But to do that you will need your phone number to do that, when you can’t provide that, it will be very difficult to proceed with the recharging transactions.

It is also very embarrassing when you are asked to provide your phone number at any point in time and you can just think of how the other person will feel. In this article, we will be teaching you some simple steps to check MTN numbers without having to call the customer care center.

Many people love changing their phone number at least once every month or weekly, when you have this habit, it is very difficult to remember your phone of hand when the need arises.

Code To Check My Phone Number

Every telecom provider has a unique code they have provided to help their users check their phone number at all times, this codes may be straightforward, meaning you just dial the code and your phone number will be displayed to you while others will be needing you to dial the number followed by some steps that will enable you to check your phone number.

We will go through every one of the steps that are needed for you to get the desired result, after checking the code, be sure to store your phone number somewhere maybe in a note so that you can easily go back to it when the need arises.

Code To Check MTN Phone Number

MTN is the largest telecom network in Nigeria with over 82 million active monthly users hence we have decided to start up with them. In MTN there are two methods to check your phone number and we will be listing the two methods, first, we will start with the easy one then move on to the other way of checking your phone number.

Method 1 Of Checking Your MTN  Number

  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. dial *663#
  3. Send it and wait for some seconds
  4. Your phone number will be displayed on your screen.
  5. As a bonus, your phone number will be sent to you as an SMS so you can easily copy it if there is a need for that.

Method 2 Of Checking Your MTN Number

This method is longer than the first method, however, you can do a whole lot with this code as it is the official MTN self-service that they have provided for their customers.

  1. Open your dialer and dial *123#
  2. Answer with 1 which *Account Info*
  3. Then answer with 1 again which is *My Number*
  4. After answering, your phone number will be displayed on your phone screen
  5. Additionally, it will be sent to you as an SMS encase there is you want to refer to it any day.

The first method is the easiest way of checking your MTN phone number at any point, you can easily dial it while having a conversion as it is just two numbers. While the second method can serve you if you want to do anything like subscribe to a data plan, change tariff plan, check your data balance, view your SIM status, help yourself with some MTN self-services, transfer airtime, and data and do a whole lot all by yourself.

Code To Check Your Glo Phone Number

If you are a Glo user and wish to check your phone number, this guide will help you do just that. Glo have simplified their method in such a way that just by dialing the set of code your phone number will be displayed on your screen.

  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Dail *135*8# and send it
  3. Wait for some seconds and your phone number will be displayed on your phone screen

As an addition your Glo phone number will be sent to you as an SMS where you can easily refer to when the need arises.

Code to Check your Airtel phone Number

Many people are Airtel users as Airtel has a customer base of over 58 million active users every month, making them the second-largest telecom company in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, you can get some benefit as an airtel user by enjoying some of their exclusive offers each month and some of the promo they offer users that are eligible for the high offer.

Airtel is one of the telecom company that offers some exclusive data plan for heavy and small internet users, let us get to business.

  1.  Open your phone dialler and dial *121#
  2. Reply with 3 which is *Manage My Account*
  3. Reply with 4 which is *My  Number*

After that, your number will be displayed on your phone screen and also will be sent to you as an SMS encase there is a need for it.

the Airtel *121# code can also be used for several other services, just like the MTN, it is a self-service code that any Airtel user can use in checking its data balance, airtime balance, check eligible offers, check tariff plans, share airtime and data with friends and families and many more.

You see how easy airtel has made it to be, with one code you can get other good benefits that will help you serve yourself as an Airtel customer.

Code To Check Your 9mobile or Etisalat Phone Number

9mobile was once the talk of the town in Nigeria but at a point, they started falling back because of the low offers, high prices of data plans with low data offers. Many still prefer using them for their data service and airtime services, so to check your phone number on your 9mobile or Etisalat line, follow the below steps.

  1. Open your dialer and dial *248#
  2. Wait for seconds for your phone number to be displayed on your phone screen.
  3. After that, you can copy and save the number in a safe place where you can easily go back to if there is any need to do that.

How To Check Your Phone Number On Smile 4G

  1. Visit on your mobile phone browser
  2. You will see login, click on it
  3. Then enter your username and password
  4. On the portal view, your smile services even checking your phone number


That’s all you need to know when checking for your phone number any time any day on any network, you can refer to this article any time any day. Subsequent updates will be made on this article if there is any updates or changes to any of or Telecom services.


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Data Plan

MTN New TikTok Plans




Hello guys, as we all know that Titok is gaining more ground on social competition since the lockdown we all had in 2020. as the entertainment industries are facing more competition every day.

Many people spend more time on Tiktok going through video triller and celebrity pages than they spend on Facebook and Twitter, our network providers have noticed this new development and want to help their subscribers to enjoy the development.

MTN has come up with a new Titok data plan that let you watch your favorite Tiktoker videos, upload videos on Tiktok and do other fun activity on TikTok without having to worry about your data. The newly launched data plan is available to anyone using the MTN network for subscription and those that want to switch to MTN for their data SIM card.

Benefits Of The MTN New Tiktok Data Plan

As we all know that Titok is a video-based social media and in that note consume more data than another social media app like Facebook and Twitter, so to reduce the data usage and wastage of money, this data plan comes in handy to help you economies the rate you use your data and the money you spend buying data plans for your Tiktok activities.

1. It economic data
2. Help you save more than spending more
3. Helps you regulate your data in the sense that you don’t have to spend your data on other apps if you only use Titok.
4. It helps you save more money when purchasing data plans.

How To Subscribe For MTN Tiktok Plan

1. First go to your dialer and dial *131*3*4# on your phone.
2. Select your preferred plan be it the daily plan which N50 which gives your 200MB and the weekly plan which is N350 that offers you 2GB.

Hope this data plan works for you and your Tiktok journey.

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