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How To Change Phone IMEI Number On Android



Change phone imei

We are going to learn how to change phone IMEI number on an android phone for any reason you may have in doing that. Over the years, changing phone IMEI has been a major practice done by those that want to disguise or those that want to achieve a free internet browsing tweak.

A few years back when MTN, Airtel, Globacom, and 9mobile was still offering unlimited browsing to blackberry users, the android user would change their IMEI to that of blackberry so that telecom network will see those devices as a blackberry device allowing the device to access the internet unlimitedly.

In today’s guide, we will be seeing changing phone IMEI number from another dimension in which we have not looked at it in the past. Due to security issues arising, there may be a need for us to change our phone IMEI.

A good example of this is in the case of our cell phone been monitored by some individual or a body, this monitoring can only be done with the help of our phone IMEI number, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, the best thing to do is by shutting off the medium the have been monitoring you and the way to that is by disposing your phone or changing the IDENTITY the have known you for.

Many cell phones today are being monitored in which the users are not aware of, this monitoring may be very dangerous to one due to the fact that you can be harmed by those monitoring you without you even seeing it coming.

What is Phone IMEI Number

IMEI stands for International Mobile station Equipment Identity and its a series of number used to identify the device which utilizes the network. Every device manufactured in this 21st century has the IMEI into it apart from phones that have been manufactured in the past like the famous Nokia 3310 and phones used by the militaries in a state.

This series of unique numbers serve as an identity to your phones, so when someone wants to identify you, the person can easily use your phone IMEI with the help of some computer software developed mostly by hackers or government officials to identify and track you.

Importance and Uses Of Phone IMEI Numbers

IMEI is important in our cell phones because it serves as the unique identity to that device, without it, there is no way your mobile phone will be read on a system.

1. It Can Be used To Track a Stolen Phone

have you ever been in a situation where your phone was stolen by thieves, with the help of the phone IMEI the phone can be traced to the possessors and apprehend them. This a tactic used by forces or police offices in tracing and apprehending phone thieves, this cant is possible if the device doesn’t have an IMEI number on it.

It can also be used to block the phone and rendering it useless. This I a case where you have lost your phone and the possessor cant be traced in any way, with the IMEI you can block the cellphone which in turn will be very useless to whoever has stolen it.

2. Originality and Model Of The Phone

This can also be used to identify the originality and model of the phone. each phone model has its own unique number that is included within the last digits of the 15 digits that represent the IMEI of your cell phone.

3. Tracking Your Phone When On Another Phone

Let’s say you have given someone your phone to use for something, you can actually track the phone while the person keeps the use of it, this can be achieved by using another phone or with the help of a PC whether Windows or Mac

All these uses and importance boils down to one thing and that is “PHONE IDENTITY” it is that one identity that your phone is used to be identified. you can take it to be as your fingerprint, you have only one fingerprint and with it, you will be identified no matter the face you are wearing.

Disadvantages Of Changing Your Phone IMEI Number

1. It may be illegal in your country

Some countries may see the changing phone IMEI number as something illegal, if you find yourself in that kind of place, be sure to take the necessary caution needed in order to avoid some punishment.

2. It will ruin the warranty of your device

All phone producers note down that changing your phone IMEI will void your phone warranty. So if you have already change yours, you can change it back with the procedure used in changing it, all you need is the original IMEI number.

3. May brick your device if not done properly

This process may brick your device if you didn’t do it the proper way of doing it, so to avoid this expensive mistake, make sure you understand the process before you proceed.

Why You Should Change Your Phone IMEI Number

There are reasons why you should consider changing your phone IMEI. These reasons may be of great importance while some of them for fun purposes.

To Avoid Being Track

Some people have the belief that someone is tracking and watching them and may have a very bad intention for them, if you fall in this category of people thinking some people are tracking them, you may consider changing your phone IMEI so you can have the rest of mind and continuously living you’re live the best you than being at alert and paranoid all the time.

Repairing an Invalid Phone IMEI Number

You may at a point brick your phone while trying to root them or your phone may be having some factory issues, one of the ways to fix this is by changing your phone IMEI which is giving your phone a new identity. It will be very helpful to those that their phones are having the problem of invalid IMEI numbers.

Changing Device

If you ever feel like using a new phone but do not have the money to purchase it, changing your phone IMEI can serve that purpose, you can change the IMEI and continue enjoying your phone.

OS Upgrades and Updates

If you find yourself in the situation of using an old device that may have stopped receiving OS updates but you still want your phone to be able to receive the updates. You may consider changing your IMEI to that of any latest model of your phone so that it can be able to receive the updates.

Cheap or free Internet Browsing cheat Purposes

Like the practice did before which we also taught users on this website which was then, you can change your IMEI to that of blackberry so you can be able to enjoy the cheap internet data for browsing the internet. This process is easy and still work perfectly, you may like to check it out here.

Key Steps To Change Phone IMEI Number

There are some steps you should note down while trying to change your phone IMEI, this steps will help you do it correctly without any mistake.

  1. Note down your original IMEI of your phone, you can get it y looking up the pack of your phone that your phone was packed inside or dial *#06# to have it displayed on your screen.
  2. Download mobile uncle or IMEI Changer for the sake of this tutorial
  3. Download IMEI Generator from google play store or click here
  4. Charge your devices to at least 60%
  5. Gather all the things needed in one place
  6. Concentrate.

How To Generate Phone Valid IMEI Number For Android

Changing your phone IMEI is not as complicated as it may sound, it’s just a simple process that can be done by anyone that is willing to do it. you do not have to be smart at all, we have done the work of being the smart ones to figure this thing out.

Your job is to pay very close attention and carefully execute the task by following the steps we have laid down here.

We have made these steps to be super simple so that everyone can do it, all your work is to follow the steps one by one and get it done, it shouldn’t take you up to 30 units to handle this task.

Equipment and Tools Needed For Succesful IMEI Change

As I mentioned above, you need to download Mobile Uncle or Xpose and also Download IMEI Generator.

  1. After downloading mobile Uncle, IMEI Changer, and IMEI Generator
  2. Install them on your phone and follow the below steps

How to Generate Valid Phone IMEI Number

  1. Launch the IMEI Generator you have download
  2. It will ask you to sign up. You do not need to use your original email to do this, you can download Temp-Mail from here and use it to generate a temporal email for this purpose.
  3. Or use Email: Password: kingimei12345678910
  4. Generating and signing up, you will be welcome with a short guide, just follow the on-screen guide
  5. Now if you have any IMEI number in mind but you are not sure it is valid
  6. Input the IMEI (Eg: 861143032398972) In Provided space under Custom IMEI and click on GENERATE
  7. This will correct any mistake made and generate a valid IMEI
  8. Tap on Analyzer and past the generated IMEI to be able to analyze it.

Generating Phone IMEI Number for Specific Devices

If  you want to generate IMEI for a specific device say your phone is SAMSUNG and you want to generate IMEI for your SAMSUNG phone

  1. Tap on Device IMEI
  2. Locate your phone and tap on it
  3. List of Valid IMEI will Appear appear
  4. Copy any of them
  5. Tap on Analyzer
  6. Past the IMEI you have copied in the space provided and tap on ANALYZE

How To Change Phone IMEI Number On Android

  1. Open the mobile Uncle you have downloaded earlier
  2. Go to Engineer Mode >> Engineer Mode (MTK)
  3. Now scroll down to CDS Information
  4. Tap on Radio Information
  5. You will see two options there
  6. Select the SIM you want to change the IMEI
  7. Now you will get an option like AT+
  8. Enter (The analyzed IMEI you have generated) AT+ <15 digits new IMEI> (eg: AT+ 861143032398972)
  10. Now Restart your Device to initialize the changes made.

How To Change Phone IMEI Number Of a Rooted Android Device

You may have rooted your phone to gain special access to things, just follow this procedure below.

  1. Open the IMEI Changer you have downloaded initially
  2. Go to Xposed> Modules
  3. Now Tick on IMEI Changer Apk as Module
  4. You have to Restart your Device.
  5. Now after restarting you will get your original IMEI number & Current IMEI
  6. Now enter the new IMEI Number you have generated in the NEW IMEI NUMBER box
  7. Tap Apply
  8. Restart your device for the changes to take place.

How To Change Phone IMEI Number On Android Phone Video Tutorial

You can check this video below to see another way on how to change IMEI on android phone


This tutorial is for educational purposes only, Techflez and its admins can not be held responsible for any use of this tutorial for any reason. Please avoid using this knowledge to harm others or for a selfish purpose.



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Simple Steps On How To Set Droid VPN




Simple Steps On How To Set Droid VPN

Sometimes technical knowledge is needed to configure some VPNs in order to get it right. Droid VPN settings can be tactical to set up, especially if you are not a tech person or you have no prior knowledge about how VPN apps works.

I have been using Droid VPN for at least 5 years now, each update of the VPN comes with its technical update meaning you may need to figure out how to set up the latest version since the new interface is different from the old one.

Protecting your internet activities is very important, in this era, there are many threats out there that you should be careful of. I believe you have read lots of stories consigning people to lose their files over the internet.

Droid VPN has helped lots of people protect their internet activities, with the constant updates they try to offer their users a very good experience while using their services.

With droid VPN you can perform blots if task securely, you do not have to be scared of your security;

  1. Your internet activities are secured
  2. You will be able to surf the net faster
  3. None of your financial details will be leaked
  4. It can not be easy to trace
  5. You can do your online transactions on a secured server

We have heard stories of companies losing their customer’s and users’ details to unsafe hands. This causes trust and issues for the organisation because the loss of users is inevitable.

Learning how to set up Droid VPN will help you a lot prevent a whole lot of things from happening to you. You will also be able to set up similar VPN apps without facing any issues or errors.

For you to be on the safer side, you need to understand that constantly checking your settings will really help you avoid many errors that sometimes happen due to system malfunction.

How To Set Droid VPN

To set Droid VPN on your phone, you need to make sure that your device is compatible with the droid VPN.

When you install the app on a phone that runs on an Android version lower than 6.0, first you need to root your phone to make sure everything works perfectly.

After rooting the android phone, check if you have the latest version installed, if not go to the Android Play store and get the latest version.

After checking that everything is as it should be, it is time to do the settings which we have explained in detail below.

  1. Open Droid VPN and you will be prompted to create an account, do that and save your details in a secured place.
  2. Now go ahead and log in with the username and password you have created with the VPN.
  3. On the connecting protocol, use TCP
  4. Now go to the proxy settings and input these details; proxy: port: 3128
  5. On the HTTP headers set it as:
  6. Now save the changes then go to that home screen and choose a server “you should choose the default saver”
  7. After that, you will get a message that you are connected.

Once connected, you are free to use that connection to do your online activities for better security.

Following the steps given above will greatly help you get your droid VPN working fine, you do not need to change any settings since the updates use the same protocol to operate.

How To Set Free Droid VPN

To set up a free Droid VPN, you use the default settings to do that as mentioned above, you should make use of the same protocol and sever to set up your free plan on Droid VPN.

How To Set Droid VPN Paid Version

You do not need any special settings for the paid droid VPN, you can use the same settings mentioned above. The only advantage to the laid version is that you get more servers.

You can connect to many other countries that are not in the free version giving you more flexibility to surf the internet.

If you have enough cash lying around, I will encourage you to use the paid version so you can be able to connect to another county, have access to more secured servers and have faster browsing with any device bat you are making use of.

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Get Payoneer Account With The Master Card




Get Payoneer Account With The Master Card

I will be showing you the most perfect method to create a Payoneer account, get your Payoneer master card for online transactions, will also get more benefits like the virtual card for use and drop purposes, and many more.

Payoneer is one of the best payment getaways for freelancers that want to earn money online without any issue whatsoever.

I have been a Payoneer customer for more than 8 years and have always enjoyed the benefits Payoneer gets to offer me every time I use their services, I don’t only get the free $25 commission when I refer people to join but my referrals also get to be gifted $25 when they use my referral link.

These are the benefits many like me enjoy all the time so far we are getting people to join the Payoneer community and so far we are still a freelancer working daily to earn dollars in order to make our lives better.

My experiences with Payoneer have really shown me that it is worth my efforts and with it have been paid thousands of dollars without having to complain about anything.

The best part of Payoneer customer service is that is always willing to attend to you via call when you have a question, complaint, or any issues.

How To Create A Payoneer Account

  1. Go to this link provided here
  2. By using this link above, you will earn $25 when you sign up and start making use of Payoneer account.
  3. On the next page chose “You are a freelancer looking to get paid”
  4. Fill in your correct email address and input a secure password
  5. Then fill in your correct name as it appears on your ID
  6. Fill in your date of birth as it appears on your ID
  7. Fill in other details required
  8. On the next page fill in your start of origin
  9. Fill in your country and postal code
  10. Fill in your correct address so that when your master is sent to you, you will be able to receive it.
  11. Fill in your ID number and bank account
  12. Makes sure to choose the correct currency the bank account is
  13. After providing the details requested by Payoneer.
  14. Click on create.
  15. After that Payoneer will send you an email where so you can verify your email address.
  16. After the verification, you will be asked to wait for 3 business days for Payoneer to process your request.
  17. But usually, within 15 minutes to 20 hours, you should get an email from Payoneer that your account has been approved.
  18. After the approval, you will be asked to upload your ID scanned documents.

How To Upload ID To Payoneer

This section particular determines if you will use Payoneer or not, when your account is approved, you will be able to see your USA, Canada, and the UK ban the account and even other means of receiving payment but the problem comes when your ID is not approved, any money sent to you will either stock there or will be returned to the sender.

It is best you pay more attention to this very section to avoid any problem with the feature, follow all the steps we have provided herein other to fully make use of your Payoneer account, get paid from it, and make the best out of the Payoneer platform.

  1. Get your ID card, if it’s a Voters card, National ID, or Divers license, snap the front and the backside neat and clearly, capture every later and angle of the ID.
  2. If it’s an international passport, snap the front where your details are located, do not use any photo editing. software for the internal passport, upload it that way.
  3. If it’s any other type of ID, then follow the steps below.
  4. Download photoscape software from this link here.
  5. After the download, install and open it.
  6. When you open it, by the right side you will see where to upload your photo.
  7. Upload the front tire of your ID.
  8. Chose the second upload and upload the backside of your ID.
  9. After combining them in one photo, save it as JPG or PNG which is the recognized picture format.

How To Get Payoneer Account Approved

  1. Now go to your Payoneer account and you will see on your home account screen, that action will ask you to upload your valid documents.
  2. Click on it and it will take you where you will be required to upload your ID, upload the combined ID and submit it.
  3. Or you hover to settings, Verification centre and there you see the verifications needed.
  4. Fill in your business address and information which is basically the information you have provided earlier.
  5. Confirm your address by uploading your utility bills or any bill you pay the government.
  6. After that go check back your ID upload, if it says approved, then you are good to go because it only takes a few seconds to be approved.
  7. If it’s not approved means you have not been accepted into Payoneer, you will have to contact their support for more assistance.
  8. If you will do as directed here and make your ID clean, you will surely be approved.
  9. After your ID approval, other details do not need to be approved as in most cases it will not be approved, all you will see there will be pending.
  10. If you know how to use photoshop, then you don’t need photoscape software as you can easily use photoshop for your editing work.

How To Get Your Payoneer Master Card

After all your approval, you will be needed to earn at least $1000 to be able to do that, then you will be able to order for payoneer master card that will enable you to pay off for anything and any site.

You have a limit of $200,000 per day to spend from your Payoneer master card, you can pay for all your bills, buy your goods, and many other things with your payoneer card.

How to Request or Order For a Payoneer Master Card

When you have earned up to $1000 in your Payoneer account, follow the below steps to request your card.

  1. Go to settings and you will see the card.
  2. Click on cards and you will be welcomed.
  3. After that, you will see where to request the order for a card.
  4. When you click, you will choose the address where it will be sent.
  5. After going through the short process the card will be sent.
  6. It takes up to 4 weeks to get to you.
  7. You can also go check the nearest post office close to your residential address.


Through the above steps, you are sure to get your Payoneer account setup and even get your Payoneer card that has no limit to what you can use it for. Make sure you obey Payoneer rules, do not abuse any of their offers and you are good to go.

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Data Plan

How To Check MTN Number Plus Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile




how to check mtn number

Almost all phone today comes with dual SIM slots and many even extend it to 3 or 4 SIM slots, no matter how many slots yours have, it is difficult at some point to know our phone number offhand that’s why we are here to teach you how to check MTN number easily without dialing a lengthy code on your phone.

Sometimes you will may be in need of airtime, then decide you want to recharge from your mobile banking app which is where I do all my recharge from just because I know how to check MTN numbers. But to do that you will need your phone number to do that, when you can’t provide that, it will be very difficult to proceed with the recharging transactions.

It is also very embarrassing when you are asked to provide your phone number at any point in time and you can just think of how the other person will feel. In this article, we will be teaching you some simple steps to check MTN numbers without having to call the customer care center.

Many people love changing their phone number at least once every month or weekly, when you have this habit, it is very difficult to remember your phone of hand when the need arises.

Code To Check My Phone Number

Every telecom provider has a unique code they have provided to help their users check their phone number at all times, this codes may be straightforward, meaning you just dial the code and your phone number will be displayed to you while others will be needing you to dial the number followed by some steps that will enable you to check your phone number.

We will go through every one of the steps that are needed for you to get the desired result, after checking the code, be sure to store your phone number somewhere maybe in a note so that you can easily go back to it when the need arises.

Code To Check MTN Phone Number

MTN is the largest telecom network in Nigeria with over 82 million active monthly users hence we have decided to start up with them. In MTN there are two methods to check your phone number and we will be listing the two methods, first, we will start with the easy one then move on to the other way of checking your phone number.

Method 1 Of Checking Your MTN  Number

  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. dial *663#
  3. Send it and wait for some seconds
  4. Your phone number will be displayed on your screen.
  5. As a bonus, your phone number will be sent to you as an SMS so you can easily copy it if there is a need for that.

Method 2 Of Checking Your MTN Number

This method is longer than the first method, however, you can do a whole lot with this code as it is the official MTN self-service that they have provided for their customers.

  1. Open your dialer and dial *123#
  2. Answer with 1 which *Account Info*
  3. Then answer with 1 again which is *My Number*
  4. After answering, your phone number will be displayed on your phone screen
  5. Additionally, it will be sent to you as an SMS encase there is you want to refer to it any day.

The first method is the easiest way of checking your MTN phone number at any point, you can easily dial it while having a conversion as it is just two numbers. While the second method can serve you if you want to do anything like subscribe to a data plan, change tariff plan, check your data balance, view your SIM status, help yourself with some MTN self-services, transfer airtime, and data and do a whole lot all by yourself.

Code To Check Your Glo Phone Number

If you are a Glo user and wish to check your phone number, this guide will help you do just that. Glo have simplified their method in such a way that just by dialing the set of code your phone number will be displayed on your screen.

  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Dail *135*8# and send it
  3. Wait for some seconds and your phone number will be displayed on your phone screen

As an addition your Glo phone number will be sent to you as an SMS where you can easily refer to when the need arises.

Code to Check your Airtel phone Number

Many people are Airtel users as Airtel has a customer base of over 58 million active users every month, making them the second-largest telecom company in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, you can get some benefit as an airtel user by enjoying some of their exclusive offers each month and some of the promo they offer users that are eligible for the high offer.

Airtel is one of the telecom company that offers some exclusive data plan for heavy and small internet users, let us get to business.

  1.  Open your phone dialler and dial *121#
  2. Reply with 3 which is *Manage My Account*
  3. Reply with 4 which is *My  Number*

After that, your number will be displayed on your phone screen and also will be sent to you as an SMS encase there is a need for it.

the Airtel *121# code can also be used for several other services, just like the MTN, it is a self-service code that any Airtel user can use in checking its data balance, airtime balance, check eligible offers, check tariff plans, share airtime and data with friends and families and many more.

You see how easy airtel has made it to be, with one code you can get other good benefits that will help you serve yourself as an Airtel customer.

Code To Check Your 9mobile or Etisalat Phone Number

9mobile was once the talk of the town in Nigeria but at a point, they started falling back because of the low offers, high prices of data plans with low data offers. Many still prefer using them for their data service and airtime services, so to check your phone number on your 9mobile or Etisalat line, follow the below steps.

  1. Open your dialer and dial *248#
  2. Wait for seconds for your phone number to be displayed on your phone screen.
  3. After that, you can copy and save the number in a safe place where you can easily go back to if there is any need to do that.

How To Check Your Phone Number On Smile 4G

  1. Visit on your mobile phone browser
  2. You will see login, click on it
  3. Then enter your username and password
  4. On the portal view, your smile services even checking your phone number


That’s all you need to know when checking for your phone number any time any day on any network, you can refer to this article any time any day. Subsequent updates will be made on this article if there is any updates or changes to any of or Telecom services.


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