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How To Access Twitter in Nigeria With and Without VPN



how to access Twitter in Nigeria

Before we jump in on the tutorial on how to access Twitter in Nigeria. Just yesterday the federal republic of Nigeria bans the social media giant Twitter due to the platform remove a tweet considers inappropriate and against section 4 of Twitter policy.

How To Access Twitter In Nigeria

  1. Download the WindVPN from HERE
  2. Open the VPN and sign up with your email address
  3. After signing up, go and confirm your email address
  4. Chose Any country of your choice (United States or United Kingdom recommended)
  5. Tap on Connect
  6. When it is connected
  7. Open your Twitter App and start twitting

The tweet from President Buhari was removed by Twitter due to the tweet was said to have treating war against the southern part of the country Nigeria and by Twitter, such tweets can not be allowed to be featured on their platform due to its transparency and value for human right and life.

Due to this ban, many Nigerians both in the country and in the diaspora have reacted to this unwelcomed development because many people use Twitter every day for the purpose of business and communication, many other uses it to have fun when they are bored and some use Twitter to check the latest updates and happening around the world as reliable news network tweets their latest news on the witter platform.

Those that fall under the categories mentioned above and some that are not mentioned will be curious to know about how to still access Twitter in Nigeria.

In this era where technology has seriously advance so well that nothing is considered impossible to accomplish using the new age technology, there are ways to access restricted websites and apps in a country that place a ban on them, and to accomplish this is very simple.

All you need is to have access to the important tools needed as we have mentioned in the key step that you can see above, do not get the wrong file for this because if you do it will not work out as it’s supposed to.

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Steps On How To Access Twitter In Nigeria and Other Banned Country

Twitter is one of those places you go to air your opinion when things are not going right just as the country Nigeria witnessed the protest last year, many people that have been out of the country and those in the country but was far from where the protest was happening often log on to Twitter to get information the needs to be updated.

This information helps many to know the updates and how the protest was going. Many government officials also use the Twitter platform for campaign purposes and to update the country on the decision that has been made by them every time any updates are been made so as to keep the peopled informed.

This tells us how important Twitter is and why it will remain that way to many people. Why talking about how to access Twitter in Nigeria we are also going to talk about how to create a new Twitter account for those yet to join the platform and those that have their accounts terminated, you will also learn how to keep your account safe from harm that may come from any angle.

Tools needed to access Twitter in Nigeria

  1. Android phone
  2. Twitter App (Download it from Here)
  3. VPN (Download it from here)
  4. Internet Connection

Steps to access Twitter in Nigeria

  1. After getting all the requirements
  2. Launch the VPN you have downloaded
  3. Follow the on-screen guide to set it up
  4. Now choose any country of your choice and tap on the Connect button
  5. After it has been connected
  6. You go open your browser and search for prase such as TECHFLEZ
  7. When the search result comes out, scroll down and there you will see the location you are connected
  8. Now go to the Twitter app you have downloaded
  9. Open the app and log in
  10. Now start using the Twitter account

How To Access Twitter In Nigeria Without VPN

  1. Open your Twitter App
  2. Swipe left
  3. Click On Settings and Privacy
  4. Click on Proxy and enable it
  5. Put in this new proxy host34.121.182.37
  6. Now input this as a port: 8080
  7. Save your changes and carry on

How To Create Twitter Account In Nigeria

Due to this ban, the Nigeria telecom network will no longer accept any verification code from Twitter which will surely hinder people from creating a new Twitter account so to handle this problem, you can use the USA number that is offered by TextNow to create your new account.

  1. Go here and download the TextNow app
  2. Then open and connect the VPN you downloaded here
  3. Chose the United States as your location
  4. Sign up and set up your text now account
  5. Get your free text now USA number
  6. Open the Twitter app and  tap on create account
  7. Input your details and put the Textnow number
  8. Input your email address
  9. Now create your account

Following this procedure will help overcome the restriction and ban of Twitter in Nigeria in any part of the world that has banned Twitter, I will be updating this article on the latest info new tools to make our experience more enjoyable. For now, stay safe and sound!



This information and tutorial are for knowledge purposes only, and its associate will not be held responsible for the misusage of this very information and knowledge.


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Get Payoneer Account With The Master Card




Get Payoneer Account With The Master Card

I will be showing you the most perfect method to create a Payoneer account, get your Payoneer master card for online transactions, will also get more benefits like the virtual card for use and drop purposes, and many more.

Payoneer is one of the best payment getaways for freelancers that want to earn money online without any issue whatsoever.

I have been a Payoneer customer for more than 8 years and have always enjoyed the benefits Payoneer gets to offer me every time I use their services, I don’t only get the free $25 commission when I refer people to join but my referrals also get to be gifted $25 when they use my referral link.

These are the benefits many like me enjoy all the time so far we are getting people to join the Payoneer community and so far we are still a freelancer working daily to earn dollars in order to make our lives better.

My experiences with Payoneer have really shown me that it is worth my efforts and with it have been paid thousands of dollars without having to complain about anything.

The best part of Payoneer customer service is that is always willing to attend to you via call when you have a question, complaint, or any issues.

How To Create A Payoneer Account

  1. Go to this link provided here
  2. By using this link above, you will earn $25 when you sign up and start making use of Payoneer account.
  3. On the next page chose “You are a freelancer looking to get paid”
  4. Fill in your correct email address and input a secure password
  5. Then fill in your correct name as it appears on your ID
  6. Fill in your date of birth as it appears on your ID
  7. Fill in other details required
  8. On the next page fill in your start of origin
  9. Fill in your country and postal code
  10. Fill in your correct address so that when your master is sent to you, you will be able to receive it.
  11. Fill in your ID number and bank account
  12. Makes sure to choose the correct currency the bank account is
  13. After providing the details requested by Payoneer.
  14. Click on create.
  15. After that Payoneer will send you an email where so you can verify your email address.
  16. After the verification, you will be asked to wait for 3 business days for Payoneer to process your request.
  17. But usually, within 15 minutes to 20 hours, you should get an email from Payoneer that your account has been approved.
  18. After the approval, you will be asked to upload your ID scanned documents.

How To Upload ID To Payoneer

This section particular determines if you will use Payoneer or not, when your account is approved, you will be able to see your USA, Canada, and the UK ban the account and even other means of receiving payment but the problem comes when your ID is not approved, any money sent to you will either stock there or will be returned to the sender.

It is best you pay more attention to this very section to avoid any problem with the feature, follow all the steps we have provided herein other to fully make use of your Payoneer account, get paid from it, and make the best out of the Payoneer platform.

  1. Get your ID card, if it’s a Voters card, National ID, or Divers license, snap the front and the backside neat and clearly, capture every later and angle of the ID.
  2. If it’s an international passport, snap the front where your details are located, do not use any photo editing. software for the internal passport, upload it that way.
  3. If it’s any other type of ID, then follow the steps below.
  4. Download photoscape software from this link here.
  5. After the download, install and open it.
  6. When you open it, by the right side you will see where to upload your photo.
  7. Upload the front tire of your ID.
  8. Chose the second upload and upload the backside of your ID.
  9. After combining them in one photo, save it as JPG or PNG which is the recognized picture format.

How To Get Payoneer Account Approved

  1. Now go to your Payoneer account and you will see on your home account screen, that action will ask you to upload your valid documents.
  2. Click on it and it will take you where you will be required to upload your ID, upload the combined ID and submit it.
  3. Or you hover to settings, Verification centre and there you see the verifications needed.
  4. Fill in your business address and information which is basically the information you have provided earlier.
  5. Confirm your address by uploading your utility bills or any bill you pay the government.
  6. After that go check back your ID upload, if it says approved, then you are good to go because it only takes a few seconds to be approved.
  7. If it’s not approved means you have not been accepted into Payoneer, you will have to contact their support for more assistance.
  8. If you will do as directed here and make your ID clean, you will surely be approved.
  9. After your ID approval, other details do not need to be approved as in most cases it will not be approved, all you will see there will be pending.
  10. If you know how to use photoshop, then you don’t need photoscape software as you can easily use photoshop for your editing work.

How To Get Your Payoneer Master Card

After all your approval, you will be needed to earn at least $1000 to be able to do that, then you will be able to order for payoneer master card that will enable you to pay off for anything and any site.

You have a limit of $200,000 per day to spend from your Payoneer master card, you can pay for all your bills, buy your goods, and many other things with your payoneer card.

How to Request or Order For a Payoneer Master Card

When you have earned up to $1000 in your Payoneer account, follow the below steps to request your card.

  1. Go to settings and you will see the card.
  2. Click on cards and you will be welcomed.
  3. After that, you will see where to request the order for a card.
  4. When you click, you will choose the address where it will be sent.
  5. After going through the short process the card will be sent.
  6. It takes up to 4 weeks to get to you.
  7. You can also go check the nearest post office close to your residential address.


Through the above steps, you are sure to get your Payoneer account setup and even get your Payoneer card that has no limit to what you can use it for. Make sure you obey Payoneer rules, do not abuse any of their offers and you are good to go.

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Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn Marketing Agency




Promoting the Business on LinkedIn: Step by Step Guide

LinkedIn is a social network for business connections that has over 467 million members worldwide. Its power grows all the time and every second someone creates a LinkedIn login. If you decided to develop your brand online, LinkedIn must be part of your marketing campaign.

How To Promote Your Business on LinkedIn Marketing Agency

These tips for LinkedIn profile improvement are rather effective if you want to boost your online presence, but a business promotion would require a more serious strategy. Here is a simple guide how to develop your business with the help of LinkedIn marketing agency.

1. Optimize Your Own LinkedIn Profile

You may wonder what your personal profile has to do with promoting your business. People are interested in other people and they will always check who represents a brand. The viewers of your company page are very likely to visit your personal profile and the profiles of all the members of your team. That is why it is essential to start your marketing campaign with improving your own profile. What impression does it make? Would you work with yourself? List your skills, experience, and certifications. Update status, publish articles and interact with others. Your goal is to show that you are a thought leader in the industry.

2. Create A Company Page

Once you are sure you have an effective LinkedIn profile, it is time to create one for your company. The company page should allow customers to learn about your company history, workers, services and products. You should also use it to share the company’s updates. It is necessary to do it regularly to achieve better engagement. However, do not share something just to make a post and appear in the feed. Relevant content that is interesting for the followers would help to develop your company page faster. The cover image is also important. It should include your company’s logo and reflect your brand.

3. Gain The Audience

Relevant content and the audience are two key components for making your company page effective. Once you are sure your company page is great, your next task is to boost its visibility. Start with optimizing your company’s page for search.
To make it SEO-friendly, insert keywords into the profile information. Another great thing to do is to add your company page link to your website. Getting more followers could also increase the reach of your page. Start with adding the employees who will share your page on their profiles. Then you may also invite customers and partners. Promote your company page in blog posts and emails to attract new followers.

4. Sponsor Your Posts

When your post gets high engagement, you might want to sponsor this content to get the attention of more professionals. The number of likes, comments, and shares will help realize what publications should be promoted. LinkedIn marketing agency will make your post appear in the news feeds of professionals (your target audience). It will be visible both on mobile devices, and computers. Showing your Company Page updates to more people will help you attract new followers and increase the brand awareness. After you use the ads, remember to check the number of leads the sponsored content brought you.

5. Learn to Understand The Analytics

No matter what you do, it will not be fully effective, if you do not analyze the results of your actions. It is easier to create a good content and think through a marketing campaign when you know the possible reaction of the audience and its preferences. LinkedIn analytics dashboards may provide you with the necessary data that reflects the behavior of the followers. Monitoring and analyzing these statistics will help you to achieve better results. LinkedIn analytics may seem confusing and difficult to understand at first. But eventually, it will give you the clear picture of your company page progress.

Following these five steps will help you to grow your business with the help of LinkedIn marketing agency. Remember to put into practice all the recommendations and keep up the good work regularly to achieve the results. Once you see that it works, you will not be able to stop.

Author Bio:- Helen Hepburn. CEO @

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Business You Can Start With 50k and How To Make 50k In Nigeria




Business You Can Start With 50k and How To Make 50k In Nigeria

You may be asking yourself what business you can start with 50k in nigeria? Well, there are a lot of businesses you can start with 50k Nigeria, this business may be all you need to excel in your business career or life.

Overview of what business can I start with 50k

  • POS Business
  • Akara business
  • Shawarma Business
  • Icecream
  • Clothes


See Business You Can Start With 50k

There are many businesses one can start with just having 50k at hand, I know things are not how they use to be in the country some few years back. But that doesn’t mean that having some amount of money can not fix your problem to some extent, so let’s get to it.

1. POS Business

POS Business is one of those businesses you can actually start with a little amount of 50k, you can go to your bank and enquire how to get started.

You will be given a machine and a banner for adverts, then after that, you will go look for a stand where you will pitch your office and start making some cash-out and withdraw for people that will, in turn, pay you 100 naira per each transaction and transfer.

2. Akara business

have you ever wondered how much those women that sell Akara make every day they make a lot of money from you buying from them.

You may think is just a stupid business that one has to stay beside the fire and get scorched by the fire there and after everything, she will not make a reasonable amount of money but does making Akara for you I really making money because you buy from them at the rate of 50 naira.

With 50k you can start your own akara business and make a lot of profits from it at any time any day, akara has no season so you will be on sale every day year-round.

3. Shawarma Business

Shawarma is one thing I know girls love eating, you can start selling it to them and make your profits from it, it is very hard to see a Shawarma that doesn’t have a customer that patronizes his or her business.

With 50k you can start your own shawarma business it is very easy to start as far as you have the knowledge of how to make sweet shawarma which includes flow garbage meet and other ingredients required.

You can actually learn these from watching YouTube videos where you will be taught how to make your own shawarma and easily prepare shawarma within 30 minutes.

4. Icecream

Who doesn’t love ice cream everybody does, you can start making your own ice cream and so I will to children and adults.

But one thing is your ice cream must be sweet, it shouldn’t have a lot of sugar but you should maintain everything to be in equilibrium making ice cream is not hard and people may say to be it actually is and is what you can learn by just watching YouTube video.

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With 50k you can start making your own ice cream and start selling to people below is a video that will teach you how to make a good ice cream making ice cream is not hard and people may say to be it actually is and his what you can learn by just watching YouTube video.

With 50k you can start making your own ice cream and start selling to people.

5. Clothes

fashion is one of the most rendered businesses of all time because everybody wants to look good and fashion never goes out of style when one style goes out of the market a new style is introduced meaning that fashion is always on the top.

You can start making money by sewing clothes for people, you can buy machines that may cost you 30,000 naira then you can stay at home take jobs, and be sorry sew clothes for people.

How To Make 50k On The Internet


You should have computer skills you can start freelancing, those that know how to use Photoshop can start designing logos and editing pictures for people they met on fiverr it is very easy to contact this one because fiverr have already made everything simple.

You can set up a profile and tell people what to do to upload the sample of your work, people interested will contact you and pay for their logo design which is pretty much what you know how to do.

You can make 50k by just designing logos for people that have paid for your services, if you do not know how to design a log, watch some videos on youtube and learn how to do that, I have posted a video that will teach you how to do a simple logo design below.


I know we have given a lot of tips here so it will never work for you if you don’t give you the time. I encourage you to start today give it a try and see how it works out but one thing I know for sure is that it will really work out for you can start making 50k by just following all the tips and guidelines we have given out here today see you again next time.

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